Alchemixed is the fourth comic issue in Season 3, and the 54th comic overall. This issue is a sequel to Labccidents, where Cabbage-pult tries to find a solution to the cliffhanger set by the previous comic.

Synopsis Edit

Cabbage-pult follows an alchemy procedure.

Plot Edit

The story picks up from where Labccidents left of, where Cabbage-pult begins to work for a solution. This time, he resorts to using pseudo-alchemy to produce an antidote. He then obtains different ingredients such as fumes from Fume-shroom, an ice shard from Iceberg Lettuce, a boomerang from Bloomerang, and an extra leaf from Blover. After mixing the ingredients and saying a gibberish spell, it once again fails, turning the cabbage into a humanoid.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only comic where there is only one speaker.

Comic Edit

Labciddents 2