Annoying Orange-pult
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Orange Plant






Wacky, crazy, sporadic


Knives, annoying other people



First Appearance

Issue 18: Annoying Day

Annoying Orange-pult, or AO-pult, is a character form Blover's Komiks. He is based on his own series called The Annoying Orange. True to his name, people who meet him generally describe him as "annoying." for short is a very annoying plant. He is friends with Weed Gatling Pea and Blover. He first appears in Issue 18: Annoying Day.

Appearance Edit

Depictions of Annoying Orange-pult slightly varies between creations, but generally he an orange with blue eyes, open mouth, and teeth. His catapult is bend, and inside the basket contains an orange.

History Edit

Issue 18: Annoying Day Edit

Blover does his things on a nice day, then Weed Gatling Pea comes near to him and introduces Annoying Orange-pult. The latter pesters Blover then smashes him with a money bag.

Issue 24: Another Murder Edit

Desperado Rosa escapes from prison and encounters Annoying Orange-pult and Weed Gatling Pea. The former prisoner threatens the two to give their weapons and money, only to be stopped by Annoying Orange-pult's knife.

Issue 34: Catapult Battle-pult Edit

Annoying Orange-pult annoys Winter Melon by spitting a seed at him, then the latter retaliates. The two began throwing projectiles at each other. Twin Musical Sunflower intervenes by hyponotizing them both, which unfortunatelt backfires as both throw projectiles at them.

Personality Edit

True to his name, Annoying Orange-pult finds enjoyment in mocking or pestering other people. He generally repeats himself to a grating degree, and calls other people names. He is shown to be disliking boredom, which he finds solutions to it by annoying others.

Despite being a nuisance, he may often feel fear, and he is not afraid to use his knife at any time.

Gallery Edit


  • Coffee BAM! uses him as the main character sometimes.
  • He mainly annoys Winter Melon and Apple-pult.