Annoying Orange-pult or AO-pult for short is a very annoying plant. He is friends with Weed Gatling Pea and Blover. He first appears in Issue 18: Annoying Day.
Annoying Orange-pult

Personal InfoEdit

  • Age: 17
  • Gender :Male
  • Amount of times killed: IT'S OVER 9000! (9001)
  • Favorite food and drink: Fertilizer and Soda?
  • Nickname: Orange
  • Enemies : Winter Melon and Apple-Pult
  • Characteristic: Funny, stupid & VERY 'A'nnoying


  • He is based off the popular video series, Annoying Orange.
  • Coffee BAM! uses him as the main character sometimes.
  • He isn't in the original game.

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