I am not a Toripon!




Hammers, Maces, Children, Kittens, Videogames and Paranormal


Flabs, Seeing his friends hurt, Astral projection, illness


Weed Gatlingpea (maybe...)


"For the 10,000,000th time, I'm not Pearicopter. Nor a Toripon. Well, at least a bit..."

Axileaf is a spiky-stick throwing plant from PvZCC. He rides a flying lily pad, and sometimes he goes off it and walks around without it.


Axileaf recently moved to Plantville, but being new to the place, he stays quiet. He wanted to be friends with Weed gatlingpea, but he is too shy to say it. 


Axileaf, despite being 16, he acts a bit more childish. Being alone yet, he does these things at home

  • Throwing sticks
  • Zzz

    Axileaf trying to call Weed GP

    Staring with his lily pad
  • Watching TV
  • Eats pizza
  • Making pixel art


  • Axileaf makes use of spiky sticks and not axes.
  • Both he and WeedGP, coincidentially, have another plant "below" them, being Lily Pad and Spikeweed, respectively.
  • He often feels awkward for being FC to someone else (feeling close)

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