Axilieaf is a spiky-stick throwing plant from the Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki. He is a newly-moved plant in Plantville and wants to befriend other plants, but he is often overpowered by shyness.

History Edit

Issue 52: That Chat Edit

Axileaf connects online to a social media group chat, with Marigold, Sunflower, Melon-pult, Blover and Weed Gatling Pea. When he was called cute by Sunflower, Blover becomes furious.


Axileaf's body resembles a snout-less Peashooter, with larger eyes with visible sclera and pupils. He also has two prehensile leaves on his stem, having the ability to grasp objects with it. He usually carries a miniature mace, which he calls a "spiky stick". 

Lilipad Edit

Lilipad is a flying Lily Pad ridden by Axileaf. He resembles that of a normal Lily Pad in Plants vs. Zombies 2, with an additional pair of wings attached to him.


Axileaf is still adjusting to the new life he's living now in Plantville. He has not known anyone in the neighborhood yet except for Weed Gatling Pea, but he often gets nervous when contacting him. Being introverted, he prefers to have socialize with a closer group of friends rather than many friends at once.

He has the tendency to make rash decisions that often costs him something else.


  • Axileaf's design concept is based on the Hammer Bro. found in the fan-made game Mario Forever Galaxy.
  • Lilipad is the Filipino future tense of the root word lipad, which means "to fly".
  • Axileaf and Weed Gatling Pea both have plants "under" them (Lily Pad and Spikeweed respectively).

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