• Plant777


    April 9, 2015 by Plant777

    I'll try using colored links for my pages. Is that okay?

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  • Plant777


    April 9, 2015 by Plant777

    Heyy. Tangent.

    So it's been a while now, end everyone's making comics. Everyone refers to the plants' village/city as Plantville. But I'm kinda curious how Plantville looks like. Does anyone have an idea or picture of it? I may plan to make one but it's quite hard to conceptualize :/

    So yah, that's all. ^_^

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  • Dat Plants Who Destroys

    Hello! I am Dat Plants Who Destroys and welcome to my blog game! This game is similar to PvP, except you are a plant on this wiki! The is random things on the ground you can pick up, chests that can be looted and crazy battling! If you want to join, just ask!

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  • Bloomerang

    Hi everyone! So I know that a lot of you want to see Is it Love? Part Two, though no one knows what the details will be. So I've got this idea for the comic, and if you guys approve, I might be able to make it!

    Panel 1: (On the date Red Point Tulip had promised)

    Fume Shroom: So... uh... Red Point Tulip... what do you wanna... talk about? Want some... rose tea?

    Red Point Tulip: ...... (looks at her mirror)

    Panel 2: 

    Red Point Tulip: Look at me, I'm so pretty. I'm the prettiest plant in the whole plant world, right?

    Fume Shroom: ...... -.-

    Panel 3: (On the other side, Marigold is spying)

    Marigold (talking in her mind): Wow, that Red Point Tulip is really a show off... and ew... she's wearing Rosy Sighs perfume? That is so gross!

    Panel 4: (Red Point T…

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  • Bloomerang

    I'm not sure if I'm having bad luck coming my way or something, because another user offended me! Though this time he is registered. His user is CitronBomb, and these are some of the offensive stuff he said:

    'Read almanac carefully. Bloomerang is male.' on Bloomerang

    Well yes I know that people confuses me as a male a lot, but can he at least read the page carefully first?! It's about imagination!

    'This thing melts at Ancient Egypt and Wild West.' and 'Useless at Egypt and Wild West. Reason: Melt.' on Princess SB Pult

    Okay...? But that is pretty much a negative comment... so... yeah...

    Though I couldn't find the other comments, because I forgot where they are, and when I went to CitronBomb's page, there were so many pages he's following that I …

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  • Bloomerang


    January 8, 2014 by Bloomerang


    Please, it wasn't me. I do not know this guy, please block and report him. He's really rude ;(

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  • Bloomerang

    Hey guys, Bloomerang here. I'm sorry that I hadn't been posting stuff lately, school overtook me and I've been into other games! Extremely sorry... 

    Well, today I got bad news for you guys. A Wikia Contributor copied my characters into MALE versions, and said a bad word on my Iceberg Lettuce page! I was so angry...

    Oh well, I guess =/ 

    But NOOOO, it totally hurt my feelings! 

    So what I'm gonna do is, quit Blover's Komiks this awesome Wiki for a while and finish up some comics on Bloomerang's.

    So yeah guys since no one appreciates me I will quit for, let's say 1 week...

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  • Bloomerang

    My Wiki

    August 26, 2013 by Bloomerang

    I got my own wiki! It's called Bloomerang's Wiki. Let's go check it out! Link:

    Hope you like it!

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  • Bloomerang


    August 26, 2013 by Bloomerang

    I have some bad news for you guys, and it's that I have to start school and can't really help make comics. I'm in grade 6, but there's alot of stuff to do, espically when the homework increased and my mom doesn't let me sleep so late. So maybe if I have a teeny bit of time, I'll go on here. Nah, it won't be *that* hard, but I also have ballet lessons on Tuesday and Friday, so count that out. Maybe on Saturdays and Sundays I'll be free.

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  • R3P3T3R


    August 23, 2013 by R3P3T3R
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  • Bloomerang

    Football Time!

    August 12, 2013 by Bloomerang

    I created Football Time! How's it sound? Here's the script book. If its ok, I'll post it!

    Story Sypnosis: Mushrooms and Peashooters are in a team, while Catapults and other plants are in the other. Sunflower and Marigold is the judge. Extremely funny! :)

    Panel 1

    Sunflower: Coin flipping time! Face up equals Mushroom and Peashooters Team start first, number up equals Other Team start first. Got it?

    Bloomerang: Got it.

    Panel 2

    -Sunflower throws the coin up in the air-

    Panel 3

    -Sunflower catches it on her palm-

    Panel 4

    Sunflower: A GAME COIN?!

    -Bloomerang fell frontward-

    Panel 5

    Marigold: I can help you, sis.

    -Marigold throws a real coin to Sunflower-

    Sunflower: Aww thanks!

    Panel 6

    -Sunflower and Marigold is discussing-

    Panel 7

    Bloomerang: What are you waiting …

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  • Bloomerang

    My Catagory

    August 9, 2013 by Bloomerang

    I created my very own category!!! What do you think? Is it good? I'm gonna put more stuff in it too. Examples: Bellflower, Waterdrop Pea, Snowball Pult, etc. Good? Please comment! :D

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  • Bloomerang

    I got it! Finally got it! Issue 30: And ACTION! Finally will have a comic! Here is the script book, see if it works, and if its ok to post, I'll post it!

    Panel 1

    -Blover holds up his camera-

    Blover: "And ACTION!"

    Panel 2

    Narrator: "Once upon a time,"

    Panel 3

    Narrator: "There was a castle,"

    Panel 4

    Narrator: "There was the princess of..."

    Panel 5

    Bloomerang: "Um..."

    Panel 6

    Bloomerang: "What's my line again?"

    Panel 7

    -Blover opens script book-

    Blover: "Plantville."

    Bloomerang: "Right! I just can't memorize these lines! I'm new to this studio!"


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  • Bloomerang

    Hola Plantville!

    August 7, 2013 by Bloomerang

    Hello guys! I'm Bloomerang. I'm new to this wiki, so please show me around some things! So far I've already added a character! I'll be posting hand-drawn comics and comments soon!

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  • KutieKattail


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  • KutieKattail

    My New Wiki- Ideas

    July 28, 2013 by KutieKattail

    Hello guys! I, Kattail, am back! I'm gonna make a new wiki at the end of August, how's that sound? It's also about PvZ comics, and I'm gonna call it Kattail's Krazi Komics. Is that a good name? Hmm... and the address will be how's that? My main character will be Kattail, for sure. Please help by adding some info for my characters, and I'll reward you guys nicely with lots of comics on my new wiki that's coming soon! Give me some ideas from the comment section pleeeeeeeese!

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  • KutieKattail

    Hello guys! I created this blog post is to let you guys write questions and opinions! I may not go on Wiki for sometime, but just... anyway, here are the rules of this blog post (don't worry, it's not as bad as you though).

    Blog Rules:

    -I don't really like spamming, unless you spam and said 'I'm Crazy Dave'.

    -It'll be really not nice if you comment bad words.

    -Your questions and opinions can't be IMPOSSIBLE to answer.

    -The questions and opinions have to stay on the topic: About Blover's Komiks Wiki.

    So, now, review the rules again and we can start!

    Post a question or opinion on the comment and I will reply you in comment.

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  • Drzomboss2.0

    jack's newest comic

    September 30, 2012 by Drzomboss2.0

    i've got a secret comic idea comment if u've got a title name

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  • PeaPoded

    my wiki

    June 28, 2012 by PeaPoded

    my wiki


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  • PeaPoded


    June 18, 2012 by PeaPoded

    ok this is frist plant that i made on this wiki

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  • SuperGuy8


    May 7, 2012 by SuperGuy8

    I say great luck with the wiki!

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  • CattailsRCuteyz

    My wiki

    May 5, 2012 by CattailsRCuteyz

    Hey, guys!!! It's me, Cuteyz!!!

    My wiki. It is based on my art here.

    Please help me with it and at least give me feedback on my ideas.


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  • SuperGuy8

    What is better? You decide!

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  • Meyguhmein

    First, who drew all these comics?

    Second, when is the second part of the "Side-story Deleted" (or something like that) uploaded? I'm so nervous for the second one.

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  • TomSkaDude

    Awesome Win

    March 17, 2012 by TomSkaDude

    Let's Get It On awesome One Is ready FOR YOU

    lets make More Comics Awesome thing : Gatling Pea Turns 34!!!!

    Blover's Party Will Be March 29,2012


    ~Club Penguin12 a.k.a The Miz

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  • JalapenoKing


    February 6, 2012 by JalapenoKing

    Hey, I'm DESTROYER!! If you need any help, I'm there. Just no Social Studies, OK? Great!

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  • Flacon34


    January 28, 2012 by Flacon34

    Im a n00b! can i add my new Plant here/ (Spotty-shroom) The PVZCC users wanted the oringal page deleted

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  • FarmerZombi

    new ideas

    January 19, 2012 by FarmerZombi

    Hello... Bored. Anywho, I just wish where there is a issue where Marigold falls in love with Gold Magnet. Gold Magnet saves her from falling from a building. Gold Magnet is knocked out due to Marigold falling on him and is rushed to the hospital. Blover and Sunflower Witness the event. After talking about things, Marigold realizes about him accidently taking her money. They are now friends ( Just for this issue). A few days after the incident, after Sunflower and Blover see the unusual behavior of the 2, they decided to pull of a stunt to break them up. The plan works but brutally injuring the both. The 2 Breakup and return to their enemy state. At the end, Gold Magnet returns the money he stolen but he accidently pulls the money to him. M…

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  • CattailsRCuteyz

    Good news!!!

    January 11, 2012 by CattailsRCuteyz

    Hey, guys! It's me, Cuteyz! Good news: I'm coming back on this wiki! But don't you frickin DARE think I will EVER come back on pvzcc. Or, as I call it, Minecraft Fan Wiki. I PROMISE I will stop talking about 9, and do my best to tolerate Touhouizing. But if Minecraft becomes the new big thing here, I will quit. FOREVER!!!!!!!!


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  • PeaShooter

    Request For Adminship

    January 10, 2012 by PeaShooter


    Most active user currently

    Great At Making Comics

    Not In School Right Now


    I Go Back To School On January 16th

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  • FarmerZombi

    Help Blover?

    December 9, 2011 by FarmerZombi

    Hello. I am a new person on this wiki Blover. Can you or anyone help me?

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  • Dr Edgar Zomboss

    Crazy Drawing

    November 24, 2011 by Dr Edgar Zomboss

    I'm not drawing,I'm super drawing!

    I got Paint 7 and i learned how do you suck at it!

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  • CattailsRCuteyz

    Halloween? SRSLY??!?

    November 11, 2011 by CattailsRCuteyz

    Someone please remove the Halloween background. We're halfway through November.


    ps. GO BACK TO THE - (gets knifed)

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  • Coffee BAM!

    Emoticon Collection

    September 17, 2011 by Coffee BAM!

    Hello guys!

    I've made the Emoticon!

    These are the list of emoticons:

    • type

    Picture Refferences
    I'm feeling Happy!
  • Jeremy...

    Fanon Plants

    September 17, 2011 by Jeremy...

    Hey Guyz, thiz is Jeremy...(Durianpultz44). Can i make these plants?Thanks

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  • CattailsRCuteyz

    Fun Quiz like in PVZCC

    September 15, 2011 by CattailsRCuteyz

    This is a quiz that is just for fun (no prizes). How it works: Below are various quotes from random movies. If you think you know the name of the movie it came from AND the character that said it, answer in the comments. You cannot answer more than one question.

    • "One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it."
    • "I never left. You finally decided to join the fight."
    • "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!"
    • "I am SPEED."
    • huge dramatic gasp* yayy...

    All of the movies are animated. None of them are rated R. One of them is a TV show.

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  • CompliensCreator00

    Plantville bank

    September 14, 2011 by CompliensCreator00

    1 question right = 10 Plancash! Exchange the questions for money!

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  • CompliensCreator00

    Mah quiz

    September 14, 2011 by CompliensCreator00

    Ello. Here's MY QUIZ! But you must have an account.

    Exchange for Plancash here

    Get prizes here

    What plants are Magnet-shroom's hallucinations?

    Who is Sunflower's French cousin?

    Who is Mr. Fume?

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  • Coffee BAM!

    Quiz time!

    September 11, 2011 by Coffee BAM!

    Hello Guyz Me, Cbam! have tons of quiz that you can Answer!

    Win Prizes and Odd Tickets! (Odd ticket can be exchanged for some prizes!)

    To Sign Up you need to follow these instructions:

    • At least have an Account.
    • Know PvZ and Play it.
    • Contribute PvZcc and PvZ Wiki.
    • Never Spam.
    • Scratch your butt!

    • Don't help other people!
    • Do not edit this Blog!
    • Do not Scratch other people's butt!

    These are the Questions!











    How many game modes available in the PvZ? (I Pad)

    Describe the Annoying Orange Pult!

    Which one is better? PvZ DS or PvZ PC?

    Where can you get a Sunflower seed?

    Who is AO-Pult's Best Friend?

    Exchange your PVZCC$ and your Odd ticket Here!

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  • Jeremy...

    My Comic

    September 3, 2011 by Jeremy...

    Here, this is my 1st comic, but does it look bit funny?

    • Apple-pult
    • Cyborg Pea
    • Mango-pult
    • Annoying Orange-pult
    • Blover(far in Cyborg Pea's and Melon Hammer appearence)
    • Melon Hammer(only once)

    Jeremy... 07:47, September 3, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Coffee BAM!

    Plantville Map

    September 1, 2011 by Coffee BAM!

    Should we make them?

    Shall we Make category to some comics, Season 1 Comics?

    These is my idea for those seasons Categories:

    1. Season 1 : Issue 1-25
    1. Season 2 : Issue 26-52
    1. Season 3 : Issue 53-70
    1. Season 4 : Issue 71-104
    1. Season 5 : Issue 105- ???
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  • Dung Dinh Anh

    Here's my idea for issue 15: The Quiz Game:

    Panel 1: (Blue background with yellow words: QUIZ Game)

    Panel 2:

    Flag Zombie: OK! We're now in the final round. 4 players: Kernel-pult, Blover, Knife Zombie and Wall-nut Zombie, who will get the highest score, and win the game? Let's start!

    Panel 3:

    Flag Zombie: (throw the flag on the stage, and it points Knife Zombie) Knife Zombie, you'll answer the first question!

    Panel 4:

    Knife Zombie: (think) Darn, he keeps doing these to me! My last 2 question was extremely hard, lucky I can answer them. And...

    Panel 5: (Yesterday...)

    Panel 6:

    (Knife Zombie is walking in the park, Flag Zombie touches his back.)

    Panel 7:

    (Knife Zombie turns his head around, Flag Zombie whistles.)

    Panel 8:

    (Ladder Zombie kicks Knife Zombie)


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  • Coffee BAM!

    About the AO-pult

    August 27, 2011 by Coffee BAM!

    Can someone gimme idea, who is the next character that gonna die? Let AO-pult kill them! With KNIFE!

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  • Dr Edgar Zomboss


    August 18, 2011 by Dr Edgar Zomboss

    Should we add Blovereticons?How do you add emoticons?

    Should we add Eomticons of Blover? Yes No

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  • Coffee BAM!

    Missing Issue

    August 15, 2011 by Coffee BAM!
    • Issue1
    • Issue7
    • Issue9
    • Issue14 - 17...

    To Cattailswelove , make some character like the Arelon's Shine...

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  • Coffee BAM!

    Help Meh!

    August 14, 2011 by Coffee BAM!

    Can someone help me make these comic?

    • New character: AO-pult
    • U guys still can make your own version of this comic and show it!
    • Once upon a Day in Plantville.
    • Blover:What a Beautiful day to have a Date...
    • WeedGP : Hey Blover meet my new friend! Orange!
    • Blover : What? (Surprised)
    • AO-pult: Hey odd guy!
    • Blover : what? And I'm not an odd guy.
    • WeedGP : Blover I need to tell you he is quite annoying!
    • Blover : OK!
    • AO-pult: Hey! Can you do this? (Spit Seeds)
    • Blover : No!
    • AO-pult: Hey odd guy guess what?
    • Blover : What?
    • AO-pult: MONEY!
    • Blover : (Surprised! A bag of money fall in front of him!)
    • The End

    • Once upon a second
    • AO-pult : Hey I found a pot of gold!
    • Weed GP : Wow!
    • Blover  : Hey you were lucky!
    • Suddenly the Lepreclover appear!
    • Lepreclover : I will give each of you 1 …

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  • Dr Edgar Zomboss

    PVZCC plants

    August 10, 2011 by Dr Edgar Zomboss

    Let's stop making PVZCC plants here,4 of them are enough.

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  • CattailsWelove

    Becuase that Wikia Contributor din't appreciate my comics, I'm not going to make it. Delete it if you want. I will be editting Gami Wiki. Sheesh! Just wanted too help...

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  • CattailsWelove

    Hey guys! Its me, Cats! Well, I'm giving you guys good news! Since I'm fasting, and I'm totally out of Ideas for plants, I'm making Komiks more often! With new characters too!

    • Is It Love? part 1
    • Is it Love? part 2
    • Do or Die?
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  • Plantsthrust

    Lunch hour

    July 29, 2011 by Plantsthrust

    Hey dudes! Just to remind/tell ya guys; I won't be around for so long on this wiki, for two reasons.

    1. my wiki

    2. Lunch

    Your friend, 03:34, July 29, 2011 (UTC)

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