"For the 10000th time, I am a FEMALE!"


Bloomerang is a flower from Plants vs. Zombies 2. She is a good friend of Blover, Sunflower, and Power Lily, and the closeted love interest of Bonk Choy.


Pre-series Edit

While staying in shelter because of a severe storm, an unknown plant suddenly crashes into her house, surprising her. Upon learning who it was, she nurses her back to health and provided the plant with her needs until she can return home.

Issue 27: Meet My CousinEdit

Bloomerang and Blover happen to be standing by each other when Sunflower introduced them to Art Sunflower. Unfortunately, they make the mistake of calling her "just a box," causing them to be chased with a bat.

Issue 30: And ACTION!Edit

Bloomerang is rehearsing her role in an unspecified production. However, she fumbles on her first line, being a newbie, causing her to display visible embarrassment.

Appearance Edit

Bloomerang, per the series, is a flower plant with a blue cap and boomerangs sprouting as petals. Unlike other flowers, her stem and face are one and the same while the actual flower portion is comparable to hair than anything else.

To better define the fact that she is female unlike her canon counterpart, she also has visible eyelashes. Furthermore, her boomerang petals are slightly smaller and rounder as well.


Bloomerang is shown as a sociable, down-to-earth person, and is equally kindhearted in nature. She is also quite active, participating in a wide variety of hobbies.


  • Bloomerang's birthday is October 5th.
  • Bloomerang has a habit of tossing her petals like actual boomerangs and never hitting anything on the first try when bored.

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