Welcome to the Blover's Komiks Wiki

This wiki is about Blover's Komiks, a fan made comic series with characters from Plants vs. Zombies.

You can also add character from this wiki, but don't add all of them.


  • We're now using the new editing system.
  • Cofee BAM! created a New Template Called User Favorite Character!


These are comics YOU can make as long as you follow these rules.

  • Each comic MUST involve characters from Plants vs. Zombies
  • Don't add copyrighted character.
  • No rude language
  • No vandalisim


Prize How To Get The Prize
1-2 weeks vacation from this wiki. Vandalize a user page.
1-2 weeks vacation from this wiki. Swearing, being rude to others.
1-3 weeks vacation from this wiki. Cheating for achievements and editing unfairly and/or making pages not related to this wiki. (Spamming)
1-3 weeks vacation from this wiki. Vandalize a page.
1-4 weeks vacation from this wiki. Steal others' creations.
1-4 weeks vacation from this wiki. Edit information in a talk page inappropriately. (Flaming)
1-6 months vacation from this wiki. Stealing artworks of others. (Depends if copyright or not)
1 year vacation from this wiki. Creating pages from copyright material (unless made with permission).
Lifetime vacation from this wiki. (THE BIGGEST PRIZE!) Do at least 3 of the things above.

If you did it again, we will double the length of your vacation. If you did it again more than 3 times, you'll get "THE BIGGEST PRIZE!"!

Remember to report bad edits to admins to overlook what the editor has done and if he/she must be blocked.


These are the admins in this wiki, leave a question on their talk page if you need a help. Some might be inactive, so it is better to contact an active admin. If you DO contact an inactive admin, expect a delay or an answer from a different admin.

  • - also have bureaucrat rights (*)
    • - slightly inactive (**)
      • - will be inactive for a long time (***)

Latest activity on the wiki

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