Welcome to the comic layout page! This page will describe how to format a comic pages in a unified way to make them consistent all throughout the wiki. To learn the format, read on!

Number of comic panels Edit

There is usually no consensus about how many panels should a comic have. As with any storytelling medium, comics tell a story with by means of visuals, text, and plot (or sometimes none at all). More often than not, four panels are adequate. Any comic with less than four panels is classified as a short comic.

Page format Edit

Each subheading will focus on a certain heading for each comic page. To see how the format works in action, please refer to the recent comics in Season 3.

Introduction Edit

Contains information regarding the comic's "location" (season number, issue number, etc.) to help users know what part of the comic series are they in, any possible sequels/prequels, and a very short background on the comic.

Synopsis Edit

Describes the very general background of a comic without giving away too much of the comic's content, to contextualize the reader in the comic they are about to read.

Comic Edit

The comic itself. The comic must be enlarged to view the comic without needing to zooming or tapping it.

Plot Edit

A story-like narration of the comic in third person view. This may contain ideas told explicitly or implicitly told by the comic.

Trivia Edit

An optional section containing tidbits of information regarding the comic.

  • Quick guide: Information presented in the trivia section are meta-information, info usually not presented in either the comic or plot section, or not noticeable at first glance.

Comic Format Edit

There are not strict rules regarding a comic's layout and appearance. At the very least, it should contain the following:

  • The text "Blover's Komiks".
  • Season number
  • Issue number
  • The maker of the comic. Usually this would be your username.
    • If you illustrated a comic narrative made by someone else, be sure to indicate the names of both illustrator and scriptwriter.
Example comic

Comic Infobox Edit

The infobox contains relevant information for quick scanning and navigation. Refer to the sample infobox on the right for each specific item.

Closing thoughts Edit

Don't worry if you can't get all the details right in the first run! Learning the comic layout takes a little amount of patience. If this is your first time and you happen to make a comic page with some missed details, we will fix them for you!

We hope that you will enjoy making comics here in Blover's Komiks Wiki!