Broken Poetry is the eighth comic issue in Season 3, and the 57th comic overall. This comic is the sequel to Rhyme Scheme, picking up where the latter comic left off. Unlike the prequel, Winter Melon takes on a more active role in this issue.

Synopsis Edit

Winter Melon talks in a rhyme-like manner.

Plot Edit

After Sunflower convinces Winter Melon to follow her lead in speaking with rhymes, the frozen watermelon plant begins to talk in such manner without him noticing. He then begins to criticize her, Marigold, Puff-shroom, and Pearicopter's endeavors in rhyming, and begins to negate each plant's introduction with a sarcastic rhyme. He suddenly realizes his sudden change in speech pattern, angrily dismissing the four plants, much to their dismay.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first time Pearicopter's leaves are not shown to be spinning.
  • The beta script of this comic has Kernel-pult in the last panel, answering Marigold's question in the second to the last panel before being scrapped in the final version.

Comic Edit