Cattail is a character from Blover's Komiks. She is a preschooler who loves the water.

Appearance Edit

Cattail takes the form of a large cat head attached to several basal leaves, and a tail consisting of an actual cattail stalk. She wears a pink hat at all times.

History Edit

Unknown periods Edit

Tangle Kelp, at some point, managed to kill Cattail and was presumably reprimanded for it.

At another point in time, Sea-shroom accidentally and unknowingly nearly struck Cattail with seasickness, though Cattail herself was not aware of the situation at all.

Personality Edit

Being a very, very young child, Cattail has all the mannerisms of one, and is very friendly with the older children in Plantville. Her love of water leads her to spend most of her time at or near places like pools.

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