He interests in fixing stuff but isn't too good at it, which, acccording to Blover, ends up often making it look like pizza.



  • Age: unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Interests: Fixing up stuff and of course, eating zombies
  • Species: Plant -Personality: sociable and a bit weird


He and Grave Buster have a rivalry againts each other. It started from a preschool fight over a toy truck. The whole thing started when Chomper was politely asking GB wether they could share the truck. GB refused and Squash was afraid that they would end up quarreling with each other so he asked Jalapeno to set the truck on fire. Jalapeno did as told and when GB saw that the toy truck was on fire, he blamed Chomper for it. Squash was then kicked out of preschool.</p>

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