Cloud-pult is an original character appearing in Blover's Komiks, not appearing in other media. She is a cloud-like plant who recently became an orphan after being knocked down to Plantville by a severe storm.

Appearance Edit

Cloud-pult has the appearance of a winged cloud with eyes, with an inert cloud in place of basal leaves. A spring vine connects her to her basket, which has another inert cloud in it.

Her new appearance changes her basket to an inert cloud basket to better parallel her design being nearly made out of clouds.

History Edit

Pre-series Edit

During a severe storm, Cloud-pult was knocked out of her hometown on Skyville, crashing down by chance onto Bloomerang's house in Plantville, and injuring herself in the process. From there, it can be assumed that the latter helped nurse Cloud-pult back to health and allowed her to ascertain the current situation.

Present day Edit

As of present, Cloud-pult has yet to see her family or even Skyville again. In the meantime, she is a caretaker at the Plant Daycare (where Cattail and Coffee Bean spend most of the day in) and has taken up (presumably temporary) residence in Plantville Inn.

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Trivia Edit

  • Realistically speaking, giving Cloud-pult any form of employment before other forms of personal welfare and needs is an illogical decision, for obvious reasons.
  • Her design is a loose reference to the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk, where a magical beanstalk grows as tall as the altitude of the clouds.