Flavored Rains is the seventh comic issue in Season 2, and the 32nd comic overall. This comic features two new Peashooter characters named Pea and Re, trying to find a solution to the dreadful drought caused by a very hot weather condition.


Two peashooting plants try to find a solution to an occurring water shortage.

Plot Edit

Pea, a poisonpeater, discusses his brother Re about the drastic effect of the searing heat. Suddenly, Pea conjures up a plan to place Umbrella Leaves to shade areas to cool off areas and stop water from evaporating. Once again, he realizes his mistake and proceeds to "seed" the clouds to cause rain. He tries using salt, sugar, and spice; unfortunately this causes Melon-pult to faint, Fume-shroom to go crazy with sugar rush, and Jalapeno to increase his urge in exploding.


  • This comic issue marks the first appearance of Umbrella Leaf.
  • In real life, silver iodide or dry ice is used to seed clouds.

Comic Edit

Salty Sweet