Florraine Pott, or more popularly known as Flower Pot, is a minor character in the Blover's Komiks series. She is a small brown pot with eyes, with her container filled near up to the brim with soil.

History Edit

Flower Pot has yet to make a comic appearance in this series.

Appearance Edit

Flower Pot's design is modeled after a terracotta pot, additionally with eyes, mouth, and a sprout near the backside of her pot rim.

Despite not outright looking like a plant, the pot shape is actually a modified stem, capable of acting as a vessel for water or soil. The actual photosynthetic part of her is the green leaf growing from a cracked rim.

Her body also is filled with blemishes, dents, and dimples. Her dimples are also arranged in the same way as Apple-pult's.

Personality Edit

Flower Pot is a humble, yet jolly plant. Small discoveries and simple gifts are enough to make her excited. She interacts well with most characters, and she gives them words of encouragement to help them get through the day.

Despite this, she often feels insignificant and does not think much for herself, as she withheld to a mindset that she is merely a flower pot, with not much use and offensive potential. Even then, her friends still remind her of her individuality and she mostly underestimates her abilities of being a support plant.

Trivia Edit

  • Her second name is a reference to Mrs. Potts, a character in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.