Another Fume Shroom drawing

Above is another Fume Shroom drawing (made with Doodle Buddy)


Fume-shroom is Marigold's best friend. Like other mushrooms, Fume-shroom sleeps at day. Fume-shroom was first proved to easily get Sugar Rush in Issue 6.

Personal Info

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: Unknown(at least 12)
  • Abilities: fumes.
  • Personality: Usually cheerful and loyal until he gets a sugar rush and that's when he turns insane. A bit bad tempered.
  • Interests: sweet stuff.


  • As proven in Issue 12, when he gets sugar rush, he might say a bad word like "OMG this is so ............"
  • His creator, CattailsWelove, consider him as her main character. In fact, CattailsWelove seems to use Fume-shroom in all of her komiks.
  • Fume-shroom is in love with Red-point Tulip at Issue 12: Is it Love? Part 1, however Red Point Tulip is in love with La Rosa.
  • Fume-Shroom is intrested in sweet stuff, but if he eat them, he'll get the Sugar Rush.
  • Fume-shroom probably is all the plants"Go-to guy".

There is proof in the love letters issue short

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