Hypno-shroom is a main character in the Blover's Komiks series. She is a mushroom with hypnotic abilities, being able to control anyone to a certain degree. She is also the founder of the Zombies Are Our Friends Club.


Issue 7: (Un)Lucky DayEdit

Hypno-shroom briefly appears as one of the plants helping Blover in the search for the fabled Lepraclover.


Hypno-shroom appears as a colorful mushroom, with multicolored converging areas on her head, resembling a mild psychadelic hallucination. Her eyes appear to be swirling constantly.

When she is not actively using her hypnotic abilities, her eyes turn back to black ovals, and the colors in her cap diverge to separated spots.


While different facets of her personality are not yet explored on the series, it can be plausible that she assertive, persuading nearly everyone that zombies are actually misunderstoon creatures. With this philosophy in mind, she founded the Zombies Are Our Friends Club to establish a truce between the two factions.

Despite being an influential mushroom herself, she has yet to convince Melon-pult to follow her ideologies.


  • In the hand-drawn comics she wore glasses.
  • She is said to have psychic powers as well.
  • Her philosophy is a direct reference to the Almanac entry found in Plants vs. Zombies.
  • Hypno-shoom is a male in the main game series.
  • She attends the same class as Blover and Magnet-shroom.