A Corny Day is the 38th issue in Blover's Komiks. It is located in Season Two , and is an episode of Orange's Komiks .


Kernel-Pult is being visited by his cousin, Popcorn.


Annoying Orange-Pult and Knife appear.



  • Kernel-Pult ​: I'm so bored!!!!
  • Popcorn ​: You said it!!!!
  • ​Cob Cannon ​: Hey kids, you want to go play football?
  • Kernel-Pult ​: Yeah dad!!!!
  • Popcorn ​: Sure uncle!!!!
  • Annoying Orange-Pult ​: Hey, Corn Family!!!!
  • Cob Cannon ​: Where did you come from?
  • ​Annoying Orange-Pult KNIFE!!!!!!!
  • Corn Family ​AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

​THE END????