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Maize plant


Older than Melon-pult and Cabbage-pult




Smart, wise, sometimes ignorant


Science, experimentation



Kernel-pult is a character from Blovers Komiks. He is a wise and smart plant who works on his own lab at home to perform test experiments. He is the son of Plantifier and Cob Cannon, and the eldest brother of Cabbage-pult and Melon-pult.

Appearance Edit

Kernel-pult appears a stylized corn cob aligned vertically with peeled leaves. A biological catapult mechanism is attached to a green basket containing a large ear of corn. He also wears a pair of glasses, although the comics don't usually feature them.

History Edit

Issue 7: (Un)Lucky Day Edit

Kernel-pult goes with his mother and a few friends to search for the fabled "Lepraclover" as claimed by Blover himself.

Issue 35: Labccidents Edit

Kernel-pult appears in this issue with an age-accelerating potion to turn him and Melon-pult into adults, but it fails and drastically shrinks them down. Cabbage-pult tries to fix the problem but results into swapping their bodily features instead.

Personality Edit

Kernel-pult is the wisest among the Pult Brothers, and most of the time he is willing to help others in their projects, especially Melon-pult. Seeing that he owns a personal laboratory implies that Plantifier trusts him in performing science experiments.

Just like his younger brother Melon-pult, he also ignores Cabbage-pult and leaves him out of his activities and generally refuses to talk to him.

Gallery Edit


  • His father being a Cob Cannon references the upgrading mechanic in the first Plants vs. Zombies game, where two side-by-side Kernel-pults are required to plant a Cob Cannon.
  • Kernie is his love interest.