Labccidents Happen All the Time (shortened to Labccidents), is a comic in Season 2 , Issue 35. Its sequel is Unnamed Fixed: Alchemixed!


Plot SynopsisEdit

Kernel and Melon planned to make a solution that makes them better. Cabbage complains of being left out. The solution turns out to be a shrinking one. Plantifier went to the scene but Cabbage denies. He then tried to undo the solution but turns out mixing each other. Cabbage turned to a yellow-like slim "corn"


  • Cabbage, according to him, he gets "left out".
  • Kernel screwed up his experiment.
  • Plantifier didn't have her machine in this issue.
  • In the second to the last panel, the brothers' mixmashup versions can be seen.
  • Plant onomatopoeias include "SPUDOW!" and "CHA-BOOF!".

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