Labccidents is the 35th comic in the second season of Blover's Komiks. This comic marks the first time Cabbage-pult becomes a primary character. It has a comic sequel, entitled "Alchemixed".

Plot Synopsis Edit

Cabbage-pult overhears Kernel-pult and Melon-pult's plan to use a growth-inducing potion, but the potion horribly fails, shrinking the latter two. Cabbage-pult proceeds to haphazardly combine solutions in Kernel-pult's laboratory, creating a peculiar powder that manages to undo the shrinking effect, but unfortunately swaps their bodily features instead.


  • This is the first time Cabbage-pult acknowledges his brothers' ignorance towards him on-screen.
  • Plantifier's big machine did make an appearance in this comic, despite being a part of her design.

Comic Edit