Magnet-shroom is a mushroom from Plants vs. Zombies. He is the son of Gold Magnet and a close friend of Blover.

Like in the games, Magnet-shroom is highly attractive to metal objects, causing him to get stuck to them (or break electronics.) This gets in the way of one of his main tasks outside of school, which is helping his father with his moving company.

Magnet-shroom is directed by two hallucinations in the shape of Coffee Beans that not only keep him awake (to the point of insomnia), but essentially take over his decision making at critical moments, which more often than not compromise things for him. 


Issue 2: The Effects of Gravity... at SchoolEdit

Magnet-shroom briefly cameos as one of the students injured by the rocks.

Issue 5: Going to the Beach!Edit

Blover stops by Magnet-shroom's house, asking if he'd like to go to the beach with him. While he agrees, an impending storm stops them from going.

Issue 13: Gloomy DeathEdit

Magnet-shroom sees Gloom-shroom sleeping and decides to wake him up as a joke. While his angel hallucination tells him not to, his devil hallucination says otherwise. He quite literally chooses to follow the way of the devil and continues provoking Gloom-shroom, which instantly gets him killed from a blast of fumes. After the comic, he is revived through the same type of fumes.


Magnet-shroom, per the series, is a mushroom with the majority of his body taken up by a large ferrous horseshoe magnet, which forms his head. It is attached to a small actual mushroom with a purple cap.


Magnet-shroom is only described as "unstable," referring to his untrustworthy way of making decisions and the degraded mental state brought on by insomnia. This causes him to easily make rash decisions that have serious consequences.