Marigold is a plant from Plants vs. Zombies and the little sister of Sunflower. Although she is obsessed with money, most of her comics focus on her coming out of her shell as a quiet and docile character.


Issue 6: Fume-shroom's Sugar RushEdit

Marigold is seen trying to offer a cake to Fume-shroom, who kindly declines due to his hypersensitivity to sugar. When Fume-shroom somehow manages to lick the side of the cake while talking, Marigold is instantly killed by the resulting spray of fumes.

Issue 8: Dreadful BirthdayEdit

Marigold, being Sunflower's little sister, sets up a surprise party for her birthday, which quickly takes a turn for the absolute worst when Lawn Mower shows up. Strangely, Marigold is absent from the two panels showing the death of her sister.

Issue 55: Love LetterEdit

Fume-shroom hands Marigold an enclosed love letter, to which she is initially overjoyed at. Unfortunately, the letter inside is signed by Weed Gatling Pea, rendering her furious.

Issue 56: Rhyme Scheme Edit

She introduces herself in a poem-like manner, just like the other plants, and stating herself to be a upholder of producing coins.


Per the series, Marigold is based off of her namesake, with a yellow face and squared-off petals, along with the standard four basal leaves. She also has a distinct single bucktooth, which appears to be purely a cosmetic issue.


Marigold is docile and quiet, lacking the energy of her older sister. Her interactions with Sunflower and Fume-shroom imply that they are the only individuals she feels comfortable perking up around.

Marigold is also highly capable of quickly reaching mutual understanding with others, making her an excellent fit for short fuses like Fume-shroom.


  • For some strange reason, Marigold happens to attract plants who are older than she is, to the point of creepiness. The most egregious example would be Weed GP's case, who at best is a seventh grader writing to a fifth grader and at worst is an eighth grader writing to a fourth grader.
  • Her appearance resembles more of that of a common daisy rather than an actual common marigold
  • Her being a sister to Sunflower may be based on the two being flowers that produce a useful resource in the first game (sun and coins, respectively).