Melon Hammer is a minor character in Blover's Komiks, originally from the Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki. He is an bluish-teal watermelon, and Winter Melon's uncle.

History Edit

Issue 22: Fruity! Edit

Melon Hammer appears with Cyborg Pea, looking for Apple-pult. He appears only on one panel, but it is presumed that he consoles Apple-pult with the peashooter off-screen.


Melon Hammer takes the appearance of a stylized watermelon, with a blue shade, similar to his nephew. However, he has more of a teal shade compared to blue, and his spring is gray in color. His spring is connected to a solid watermelon that is used for hitting rather than being thrown as a projectile.

To better set him apart from other younger watermelons, he has subtle eye bags to indicate his adult age.

Personality Edit

Appearing merely in one comic and a single panel, not much characterization is given to him throughout the series. What it can be seen though, is that he is concerned with the welfare of others. He is also shown to dislike Annoying Orange-pult, just like with other plants who have low tolerance to the latter.

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  • According to Winter Melon's profile, Melon Hammer is a United Kingdom resident.