Pearicopter is a PvZCC character made by Zomboss,he studies in the same university as Weed Gatling Pea so he can pass to the Military Complex, he is also a good friend with Annoying Orange-pult which he simply calls orange. Pearicopter looks for that "Special Someone"


Type: Plant

Age: 18 years old

Favorite Food and drink: Cheeseburger without vegetatian parts (that would be cannibal),and water.

Characteristic: Wise,becomes crazy crack at 10 pm

Enemies: None,but he has a Phobia with Fog.

Gender: Male

Nickname: Pear,By Annoying Orange-pult


  • He appears on issue 17 (for the first time).
  • At 10 pm,he becomes very insane,he will start spitting seeds everywhere,and will become selfish like:"THAT'S MY PROPELLER CAP" "THAT'S MY HELMET!" etc...

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