Pearicopter spin
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Dr Edgar Zomboss


Pear Plant






Wise, crazy


All-meat cheeseburger



First Appearance

Issue 17: Portal to Another Dimension

Pearicopter, or Pear, is a minor character in Blover's Komiks, from the Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator wiki. He is a flying pear who studies with Weed Gatling Pea. He is also good friends with Annoying Orange-pult as well.

Appearance Edit

Pearicopter takes the appearance of a cartoon pear fruit. He has a brown stalk with five leaves, four of which serve as a propeller capable of lifting him in the air.

History Edit

Issue 17: Portal to Another Dimension Edit

Pearicopter is one of the party-goers in 2D Peashooter's party with robots, and he has does not have a dialogue in that issue.

Issue 45: The Crazy Yam Edit

In an unreleased issue, Pearicopter becomes the voice of reason in Annoying Orange-pult's decision in befriending Yamalamadingdong, but fails to convince the former not to.

Personality Edit

Pearicopter's personality in not explored that much in earlier comics, although he is said to be wise, as shown in his advice to Annoying Orange-pult in befriending the crazy yam.

He is described to fear fog, with reasons unexplored yet. Additionally, his sudden shift in personality every 10 PM in the night is also unexplored.

Gallery Edit


  • His creator confirms that he is not based on Pear from the Annoying Orange video series.
  • His propeller leaves are actually detachable.
  • Elements of his sudden personality shift include randomly spitting seeds everywhere, becoming selfish, and screaming "THAT'S MY PROPELLER CAP! " or "THAT'S MY HELMET!"
  • He is still looking for his love interest, or "special someone", as he calls it.