Pineapple-pult Comiced ver.


Pineapple-pult is an orphan from Hawaïï,he got adopted by a Conehead Zombie and has grew up in a place where there is peace between Plants and Zombies.But recently,they have discovered earthquakes and tsunamis so they must all leave their beautiful life in the heavenly Hawaïï. Pineapple-pult,now in plantville doesn't go very well with people and feels lonely.


  • Type : plant
  • Age : 17
  • Ennemies : None
  • Favorite Food and Drink : Dates (they are non-living plants),Pineapple Juice (he makes it himself)
  • Characteristic : Timid,Lonely
  • Gender : Male
  • Nickname : Spikey (By Tri-shooter)



Streampea, who Pineapple-pult has a major crush on.

  • He fell in love with Streampea from the first sight.
  • The only moments where Pineapple-pult laughs is when he meets Orange
  • He isn't in the original game.

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