Plantifica Feena (Plantifier)
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Sunflower Plant






Firm, motherly, caring, wise


Cob Cannon, the Pult Brothers


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First Apperance

Issue 7: (Un)Lucky Day

Plantifica Feena, better known as Plantifier, is a female sunflower. She is the mother of the Pult Brothers, and the wife of Cob Cannon. She lugs around a gray contraption with what seems to be a machine with a sun mark on its side, and a conical piece attached to it.

Appearance Edit

Plantifier looks almost identical to a sunflower plant, although she appears to have darker color scheme, indicating her age. She sports a pair of glasses with a neon-lime tint on them.

History Edit

Issue 7: (Un)Lucky Day Edit

Plantifier appears in one panel of the comic (Un)Lucky Day, where she helps Blover and his friends to locate a Lepraclover during on March 17, a day that the Blovers consider lucky.

Issue 35: Labccidents Edit

Plantifier goes to the laboratory to check on the Pult Brothers after a commotion and then she sees Cabbage-pult, who is trying to hide his brothers from her due to using a failed age-inducing potion.

Personality Edit

Plantifier's personality is not much explored in the series, although she exhibits curiosity in Lepraclovers. She cares for her family a lot, even though she may skip over some obvious cover-ups made by Cabbage-pult, indicating that she may not be always keen towards things.

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Trivia Edit

  • Zea mays and Helianthus annuus are totally unrelated plants, which makes them biologically impossible to produce any viable offspring.