I drawn this Power Lilly picture from the APP Doodle Buddy

A drawn Power Lily (made with Doddle Buddy)

Power Lilly is in love with Coconut Cannon, but Coconut is in love with PvZ2's Sunflower. Power Lilly is friends with everyone except the Acient Egypt Zombies (they give her the creeps). Lots of PvZ1 characters don't know what does Power Lilly do, because in the first game of Plants Vs Zombies, there are no Plant Food. Power Lilly wish for peace.

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Friends: Everyone

Enemies: Acient Egypt Zombies


-Power Lilly works at a bakery, and is great making Chocolate Cupcakes (Mmmm, Bloomerang's favorite!)

-If you look closely enough at the picture of Power Lilly, she actually have yellow eye shadow.

-Power Lilly is very fond of her appearence.

-Power Lilly's info is based deeply on Ellie Chao, Luning Liu's best friend. Luning is User: Bloomerang, but Ellie doesn't have an account yet.

Concept art by Partylover626 via

A power Lilly picture that's not drawn

Power Lilly (not drawn version)

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