Princess Snowball-pult is a character created exclusively for Blover's Komiks. As her name implies, she is either a member of royalty or an exceptionally wealthy family who left her distant homeland in search of a new take on life.

Appearance Edit

Princess Snowball-pult has the appearance of a large snowball with eyes, surrounded by the basal leaves standard of all catapult plants. A coiled vine connect her to her basket, which contains another (inert) snowball. As a reminder of her background, she also wears a golden crown with a snowflake-shaped jewel embedded in the front side.

Personality Edit

Even though Princess Snowball-pult intentionally set off towards Plantville on her own accord, she still has some difficulty interacting with the other children due to her isolated background. While she by no means comes across as rude, she is initially often found as difficult to talk to, though she eventually resolves this over the course of the series through normal social interaction.

Despite her initial lack of social skills, Princess Snowball-pult does have the noble traits that her name implies, helping those who need it and overall trying to be a very sociable, caring, and loving person.

As Princess Snowball-pult is made of ice, she is very thermophobic and stays away from fire plants and extreme heat in general.

History Edit

Pre-debut Edit

Princess Snowball-pult used to live in a distant land with a very cold climate and constant snow as an upper-class individual. However, this bored her, and so she left the area to go live in Plantville.

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