Puff-shroom is a minor character in the Blover's Komiks series. He is a small purple mushroom with an ability to produce multiple clones of himself in battle.

History Edit

Issue 10: Sunflower's Back Edit

Puff-shroom makes a minor appearance in this issue, merely knocking off the letter E in the word "End".

Issue 56: Rhyme Scheme Edit

Puff-shroom takes on a more active role in this comic, as he introduces himself in a poetic manner. He describes himself as "small" and being able to turn "I" into "we", generating multiple Puff-shroom clones with him.

Issue 57: Broken Poetry Edit

He appears again in the sequel, with Winter Melon sarcastically mocking his introduction by stating that the small purple mushroom leads [his] pack to its doom.

Appearance Edit

Puff-shroom is a small mushroom with a purple cap and a pale fleshy body. He has a small snout where he shoots spores to attack enemies.

Personality Edit

Despite having little appearance throughout the series, Rhyme Scheme and Broken Poetry expounds on his personality. He is shown to be aware of his feebleness, and thus finds confidence and power with others. On his own, he can produce clones to boost his offensive potential.

This confidence, however, can be whittled down if somebody else calls him out if it. Winter Melon has called out Puff-shroom as shown in Broken Poetry.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the smallest "plant" in the Blover's Komiks series.
  • His ability and personality is based on his Plants vs. Zombies 2 Almanac entry and Plant Food ability.

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