Another Red Point Tulip drawing (made with Doodle Buddy

Another drawing of Red Point Tulip

Red-point Tulip is a tulip with a bad attitude. She tends to look down at other plants she dislikes. She acts almost like she doesn't need anyone's help. But she has a secret. She learnt how to blast/trow magical looking Red-points and Blue-points at zombies from Glory Alchemy. Fume-shroom fell in love with her in Issue 12.

Type: Plant

Age: 15

Enemies: Everyone (although she is friends with everyone)

Gender: Female


  • She wasn't in the original game.
  • CattailsWeLove had created her.
  • She only appeared in Issue 12, she wasn't in other comics unless part 2 of issue 12 was published.
  • Marigold was very angry at both Fume Shroom and Red Point Tulip when Fume asked to go on a date with Red Point.

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