Rhyme Scheme is the sixth comic under Season 3, and the 56th comic overall. This comic features Sunflower as the main character, with others trying to speak in rhymes the way that she does.

The comic sequel of this issue is entitled Broken Poetry.

Synopsis Edit

Sunflower and her friends talk in a rhyme-like fashion.

Plot Edit

Sunflower, along with other plants, is talking to Winter Melon in Plantville Park. They introduce themselves in a dramatic manner, complete with scenic changes and poetry-based "introduce yourself" greetings. The frozen watermelon plant is not entertained by this, therefore urging Sunflower to convince him to talk in a similar fashion.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first non-remade comic published after the soft reboot of Blover's Komiks Wiki.
  • The comic icon is a reference to the method of marking a rhyme scheme, with same letters signifying end rhymes.

Comic Edit