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Calm, aggressive when aggravated


Friends, water


Being called "weak" or "tiny"

First Appearance

Issue 3: Don't Invite Jalapeno

Latest Appearance

Issue 40: Here Comes Sea-shroom

Sea-shroom is a minor character in the Blover's Komiks series. He is a small amphibious mushroom, and a close friend of Puff-shroom.

Appearance Edit

Sea-shroom looks like a typical mushroom with a mushroom cap. His color is mostly teal-ish aqua, and he has a snout similar to a Peashooter for firing spores. He has sturdy tentacles that can be used on both land and water.

History Edit

Issue 3: Don't Invite Jalapeno Edit

Sea-shroom follows the line during lunch break to get their food, along with Jalapeno. He gets burnt by Jalapeno's flames when he got angry due to Scaredy-shroom bumping into him.

Issue 7:(Un)Lucky Day Edit

Sea-shroom assists Blover and his friends in the search of the fabled Lepraclover, who brings a magical pot of gold every March 17.

Issue 40: Here Comes Sea-shroom Edit

Sea-shroom is enjoying the night sky view, then Blover and Fume-shroom call him for a chat. Sea-shroom becomes angry after being mocked by Fume-shroom, and proceeds to fire a rapid stream of spores at him.

Personality Edit

Sea-shroom is somewhat of a passive plant, being relatively silent, but he is usually on good terms with most with other plants.

He loathes being called "tiny", or "weak", and he goes berserk, attacking any offender who has taken part in the mockery.

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Trivia Edit

  • The idea of Sea-shroom being amphibious was only established in Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.