Skyville is a fictional location in Blover's Komiks. It is a floating city hidden within the clouds.

Appearance Edit

Skyville is an urban city interlaced with suburbs, much like the area surrounding Plantville. It is suspended by a triple-state substance similar to aerogel, but is visually indistinguishable from a normal cloud and has a high heat tolerance. A large heating element underneath the cloud keeps it level and stabilizes the city when needed.

Chained to the main island and held aloft by the same materials is a second island, which is much smaller and handles industrial processes.

While Skyville is normally hidden to surface dwellers, low-power telescopes or binoculars can spot the city if they are nearby.

Geography & Cityscape Edit

Being in the sky, Skyville is obviously completely artificial, though non-sentient flora and designated areas such as parks, lawns, gardens, and reservoirs keep the place looking natural and sustained. Buildings are required by law to take on non-aerodynamic shapes in order to deflect wind at all times.

Unfortunately, Skyville lacks a true barrier keeping citizens within the border during particularly bad weather, as Cloud-pult managed to learn the hard way.

Trivia Edit

  • From a legal standpoint, Skyville is under US jurisdiction as a territory.
  • Since the continued operation of Skyville is one of a precise nature, cleanliness is strictly enforced, and to discourage pollution, disposable materials are under heavy regulation. For the same reason, all forms of transportation in the city are either unpowered or require electricity for use.
  • The architecture, infrastructure, and general nature of Skyville are largely derived from the real-life country of Singapore.