Sunflower, as her name implies, is, well, a female sunflower. She is Blover's girlfriend, and Marigold's older sister.


Issue 8: Dreadful BirthdayEdit

Sunflower is the main focus of this issue, in which the others are setting up a surprise party for her. Unfortunately, she is immediately killed by Lawn Mower.

Issue 10: Sunflower's BackEdit

After five days in her absence, Sunflower inexplicably returns from the afterlife, but not before communicating to the others using a device that Gatling Pea sets up. Blover is, naturally, shocked and somewhat overjoyed by this.

Issue 52: That Chat Edit

Sunflower appears as one of the plants connected to an online chat service. She was asked by Marigold regarding her opinion on Axileaf, to which she replies as "cute". As expected, Blover becomes agitated by this.

Issue 54: Alchemixed Edit

Sunflower helps Cabbage-pult in formulating an antidote by giving him a small amount of sun for his concoction.

Issue 56: Rhyme Scheme Edit

Sunflower talks in a rhyme-like fashion with Marigold, Puff-shroom, and Pearicopter. They introduce themselves to Winter Melon, who seemed to be displeased staying with them.

Appearance Edit

Sunflower's old design, being obviously rather archetypal in appearance, does not have any defining traits that sets her apart from, say, Plantifier.

Sunflower's new updated appearance differs from her old appearance by having five basal leaves and a pair of leaves on her stem. This was done to further emphasize her distinctiveness from Plantifier while maintaining a similar look.


Sunflower is an energetic, bright-eyed individual who's ready to meet others and care deeply for them. This is in stark contrast to her little sister, who is docile and introverted in comparison. Whenever someone asks help from her, she cheerfully agrees to do so.

Whether she is or is not oblivious to Blover's implied feelings for her is unknown, as she comments on Axileaf being "cute" while knowing Blover is in their chat box. She may not know about the former's feelings for her, or she could be simply honest or straightforward in answering such questions.


  • For an unknown reason, all comics showing any sign of amorous feelings between Blover and Sunflower have all only been implied, despite multiple statements claiming them to be outright true.