"That Chat" is a comic in Issue ___, Season __ .

Synopsis Edit

That Chat

Melon, Weed GP, Marigold, Sunflower, Axileaf and Blover are in a group chat. Melon asked Weed GP about Axileaf. Margold asked her sister about her comment on Axileaf. Sunflower responded "he's cute". This leaves Blover feeling pissed off.

Dialogues Edit

Melon-pult: "So he's the Axileaf you're talking about?"

Weed GP: "Yes, Melon-pult. He has been quiet some time. Why don't we talk to him?

Marigold: "So what do you think, sister?"

Sunflower: "Haha, he's cute!"

Lilipad (Axileaf's flying Lily Pad): She said you're cute."

Axileaf: "Stop it, Lilipad!"

Blover: "WTF?!"

Some random voice: "JELLY!"

Trivia Edit

  • The word "Jelly" is often a slang and a shortened word for "jealous".
  • Lilipad is a corruption of "Lily Pad" and a pun on a translation of the word for fly, thus a Lily Pad with wings.
  • Blover was somewhat upset of Sunflower calling Axileaf "cute". Another reference of him being in love with Sunflower.

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