That Chat is the second issue of Blover's Komiks in Season 3, and the 52nd comic issue overall. The comic features the newly-arrived members of Plantville, Axileaf and Lilipad.

Synopsis Edit

The plants are talking about a new plant named Axileaf.

Plot Edit

Seven friends are involved in an online group chat, and discusses things with one another. Melon-pult asks tabout the new plant named Axileaf, who just moved to town. Weed Gatling Pea encourages them to talk to him. Marigold asks Sunflower about her thoughts on the newly-arrived plant. Sunflower describes Axileaf as "cute", which angers Blover. Lilipad then proceeds to torment Axileaf with Sunflower's statement.

Trivia Edit

  • The word "jelly" is often a slang and a shortened word for "jealous".
  • The plants talk about Axileaf instead of actually talking to him.

Comic Edit

That Chat