Torchwood is a very good friend of Cherry Bomb. He is part of the military complex with Gatling Pea, Nuke Pea, and Cob Cannon. His first appearance is in Issue 32: Hot and Cold.


Gender: Male

Age: 22

Type: Plant

Enemies: Ice-shroom, Sea-shroom, Grave Buster

Friends: Blover, Cherry Bomb, Repeater, Cob Cannon, Nuke Pea, Hypno-shroom, and Ninja Blover

Times killed: 2

Seen in: Issue 32: Hot and Coldness, Issue 37:Death of Doom

Favorite food and drink: Hot wings, fries, and orange juice


  • In the original hand-drawn comics, he doesn't have an angry face and his flames are yellow and red.