"Problem?" -Trollface-Nut

Trollface-Nut (The Annoying Trollin Nut) is Annoying Orange-Pult's second best friend, the first is Pearicopter. He is based off the internet meme Troll. Trollface-Nut like to annoy anyone he meet (almost everyone). He like to tell jokes to his friends. He can only be quiet if he feel sleepy.

Personal InfoEdit

  • Age: 17
  • Gender :Male
  • Amount of times Killed: NEVER!
  • Favorite Food and drink : Pizza
  • Nickname: Trollface (by everyone)
  • Enemies : No one
  • Characteristic: Funny and Annoying.
    MemeNut Bros

    Rageguy-Nut and Trollface-Nut

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