Twin Musical Sunflower
Twin musical sunflower
Image by Plant777


Sunflower Plant


10 (right), 7 (left)


Female (right), Male (left)


Calm, assertive




Being messy and disorderly

First Appearance

Issue 34: Catapult Battle-pult

Twin Musical Sunflower, or TM Sunflower, is a character from Blover's Komiks. They are a pair of sunflower heads attached to one "body", like a Twin Sunflower. They have an affinity for music, and uses it to bring enjoyment to their friends or manipulate their enemies.

Appearance Edit

Twin Musical Sunflower shares their appearance with Twin Sunflower, but unlike her, their heads are colored differently. The left sunflower head has yellow-golden pointed petals, while the right sunflower head has pink-colored curvier petals.

Personality Edit

Being inclined to music, they prefer harmony and peace in their environment. If there is a disagreement between people, they take on an assertive stance to end the ensuing chaos. Their success in stopping discord often varies, however.

History Edit

Issue 34: Catapult Battle-pult Edit

This issue marks Twin Musical Sunflower's first appearance. They try to settle the hassle between Annoying Orange-pult and Winter Melon by hypnotizing them with music, but instead they duo shifted their focus toward Twin Musical Sunflower and attacked them instead.


  • Twin Musical Sunflower's heads are nicknamed Rightie and Leftie, similar to Split Pea's heads nicknamed as Frontie and Backie.
    • Leftie is friends with Weed Gatling Pea, Backie, and Blover
    • Rightie is friends with Blover, and Frontie.
  • The left sunflower head is the younger one, despite being much taller than the other.