Unnamed Fixed: Alchemixed! is a comic sequel to Labccidents. It features again Cabbage-pult trying to find a way to undo Kernel's chemical solution.

Synopsis Edit

After the incident, Cabbage-pult decided to fix the problem by alchemy methods instead of chemistry. The

Labciddents 2

procedure was unknown, thus making the alchemy procedure "unnamed". He obtains fume bubbles from Fume Shroom, an ice shard from Iceberg Lettuce, an extra Boomerang from Bloomerang, an extra leaf from Blover, and a sun from Sunflower. He proceeds making the solution and working on it, but only turning him to human.

Dialogues Edit

Cabbage pult is the only one talking.

"If you'll excuse me..."

"Prerequisites must be done"

"some fumes..."

"an ice shard..."

"a boomerang..."


"and an extra leaf clover..."

"okay it's almost done..."

<gibberish witchy spell>

"I f#c7n9 hate this..."

Trivia Edit

  • Iceberg and Bloomerang are female.
  • This is the first time Cabbage only talked in the entire comic.

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