aka Wait... isn't the username enough?!

  • I live in The world of Plants vs Zombies 2
  • I was born on October 5
  • My occupation is Tossing my petals at stuff like real boomerangs, though I never succeed at first shot.
  • I am A female, though people often confuses me as a male. -.-
  • Bloomerang

    Hi everyone! So I know that a lot of you want to see Is it Love? Part Two, though no one knows what the details will be. So I've got this idea for the comic, and if you guys approve, I might be able to make it!

    Panel 1: (On the date Red Point Tulip had promised)

    Fume Shroom: So... uh... Red Point Tulip... what do you wanna... talk about? Want some... rose tea?

    Red Point Tulip: ...... (looks at her mirror)

    Panel 2: 

    Red Point Tulip: Look at me, I'm so pretty. I'm the prettiest plant in the whole plant world, right?

    Fume Shroom: ...... -.-

    Panel 3: (On the other side, Marigold is spying)

    Marigold (talking in her mind): Wow, that Red Point Tulip is really a show off... and ew... she's wearing Rosy Sighs perfume? That is so gross!

    Panel 4: (Red Point T…

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  • Bloomerang

    I'm not sure if I'm having bad luck coming my way or something, because another user offended me! Though this time he is registered. His user is CitronBomb, and these are some of the offensive stuff he said:

    'Read almanac carefully. Bloomerang is male.' on Bloomerang

    Well yes I know that people confuses me as a male a lot, but can he at least read the page carefully first?! It's about imagination!

    'This thing melts at Ancient Egypt and Wild West.' and 'Useless at Egypt and Wild West. Reason: Melt.' on Princess SB Pult

    Okay...? But that is pretty much a negative comment... so... yeah...

    Though I couldn't find the other comments, because I forgot where they are, and when I went to CitronBomb's page, there were so many pages he's following that I …

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  • Bloomerang


    January 8, 2014 by Bloomerang


    Please, it wasn't me. I do not know this guy, please block and report him. He's really rude ;(

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  • Bloomerang

    Hey guys, Bloomerang here. I'm sorry that I hadn't been posting stuff lately, school overtook me and I've been into other games! Extremely sorry... 

    Well, today I got bad news for you guys. A Wikia Contributor copied my characters into MALE versions, and said a bad word on my Iceberg Lettuce page! I was so angry...

    Oh well, I guess =/ 

    But NOOOO, it totally hurt my feelings! 

    So what I'm gonna do is, quit Blover's Komiks this awesome Wiki for a while and finish up some comics on Bloomerang's.

    So yeah guys since no one appreciates me I will quit for, let's say 1 week...

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  • Bloomerang

    My Wiki

    August 26, 2013 by Bloomerang

    I got my own wiki! It's called Bloomerang's Wiki. Let's go check it out! Link:

    Hope you like it!

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