Here's my idea for issue 15: The Quiz Game:

Panel 1: (Blue background with yellow words: QUIZ Game)

Panel 2:

Flag Zombie: OK! We're now in the final round. 4 players: Kernel-pult, Blover, Knife Zombie and Wall-nut Zombie, who will get the highest score, and win the game? Let's start!

Panel 3:

Flag Zombie: (throw the flag on the stage, and it points Knife Zombie) Knife Zombie, you'll answer the first question!

Panel 4:

Knife Zombie: (think) Darn, he keeps doing these to me! My last 2 question was extremely hard, lucky I can answer them. And...

Panel 5: (Yesterday...)

Panel 6:

(Knife Zombie is walking in the park, Flag Zombie touches his back.)

Panel 7:

(Knife Zombie turns his head around, Flag Zombie whistles.)

Panel 8:

(Ladder Zombie kicks Knife Zombie)

Panel 9:

Knife Zombie: HEY!!!! (Turns around)

Ladder Zombie: Please don't kill me, but there's a paper on your back!

(The paper is seen with the words: Kick me!)

Panel 10:


Panel 11: (flashback over)

Flag Zombie: Knife Zombie, you'll have to use your knife 3 times to cut this cake into 5 equal pieces for 5 people, and they are us (he meant him and the players)

Panel 12:

Knife Zombie: (think) Man, another hard qui... OOH! It's time for REVENGE! He he...

Panel 13: (Only the cake, Knife Zombie's hand and knife is seen)

Knife Zombie: First, we cut the cake into half...

Panel 14:

Knife Zombie: Second, we cut the cake into half again. Now we've got 4 equal pieces.

Panel 15:

Flag Zombie: (think) He's sure gonna lose!

Knife Zombie: Third one,...

Panel 16:

Knie Zombie: FOR YOU!

(He throws the knife to Flag Zombie, and Flag Zombie die!)


I know my grammar sometimes bad, so if there's anything wrong, please tell me.

About the QUIZ Game in the issue

Rules: I'll tell you later.

Player lose the game before the final round:

  • Magnet-shroom: His hallucinations got angry and they ran and chased, and the quiz is in the morning, so Magnet-shroom fell asleep.
  • Cherry Bomb: Each of his head answered a different way from the other's, so they got angry and exploded! He also make Blover lose a leaf.
  • Suicide Zombie: He exploded, of course. And he almost killed Flag Zombie.
  • Football Zombie: Flag Zombie asked him what's a football, he he.

It's unknown what happened to the game after Flag Zombie get killed.

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