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  • FarmerZombi

    new ideas

    January 19, 2012 by FarmerZombi

    Hello... Bored. Anywho, I just wish where there is a issue where Marigold falls in love with Gold Magnet. Gold Magnet saves her from falling from a building. Gold Magnet is knocked out due to Marigold falling on him and is rushed to the hospital. Blover and Sunflower Witness the event. After talking about things, Marigold realizes about him accidently taking her money. They are now friends ( Just for this issue). A few days after the incident, after Sunflower and Blover see the unusual behavior of the 2, they decided to pull of a stunt to break them up. The plan works but brutally injuring the both. The 2 Breakup and return to their enemy state. At the end, Gold Magnet returns the money he stolen but he accidently pulls the money to him. M…

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  • FarmerZombi

    Help Blover?

    December 9, 2011 by FarmerZombi

    Hello. I am a new person on this wiki Blover. Can you or anyone help me?

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