Weed Gatling Pea is a PvZCC character, he can get angry quickly but he is nice. With Gatling Pea he works in the military complex. His friends are Gatling Pea, Nuke Pea, Blover, Magnet-shroom and Hypno-shroom.
Weed Gatling Pea (NEW!)


He likes to eat tacos and pizza.

He has 3 best friend, they includes: AO-pult, Pearicopter, The Annoying Trollin Nut (Trollface-Nut).

He appear in Issue 5: Going to the Beach at the below in the words "The end". He also appear in Issue 4: Devil Seesaw he was talking to Gatling Pea. He appear again Issue 18: Annoying Day he was talking to Blover about his new friend name Annoying Orange Pult (AO-Pult). He appear again in Issue 24: Another Murder who is talking his new friend Annoying Orange-Pult (Ao-Pult).


He's still studying in the University, If he pass he will start work in the Military Complex.

Type: Plant

Age: 17 (Season 5), 13(Season1)

Favorite food and drink: taco, pizza and water.

Characteristic: polite and kinda annoying.

Enemies: Zombies

Gender: Male

Nickname: Weedz by AO-Pult,Pearicopter and almost everyone.

Amount of times killed: 0


  • He appears in Issue 4, 5, 18 and 24.
  • He meet Marigold for the first time when he was 25 years old.

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