Weed Gatling Pea, Weed GP, or Weedz, is a plant from the Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki, now in the Blover's Komiks universe. He is a Gatling Pea that currently plans to work in the military complex.

History Edit

Issue 4: Devil Seesaw Edit

He makes a quick appearance on the early panel of the comic, where he was talking to Gatling Pea.

Issue 5: Going To The Beach Edit

He appears briefly at the end of the comic, near the words "The End".

Issue 18: Annoying Day Edit

Weed Gatling Pea befriends Annoying Orange-pult and introduces the him to Blover, which irritates the latter throughout the conversation.

Issue 24: Another Murder Edit

Weed Gatling Pea and Annoying Orange-pult encounter Desperado Rosa, who threatens them to get their weapons and money.

Issue 52: That Chat Edit

Weed Gatling Pea participates in an online group chat with Sunflower, Marigold, Blover, Melon-pult, Axileaf and Lilipad. He encourages them to talk to the new plant in town.

Appearance Edit

Weed Gatling Pea looks like what seems to be a symbiotic relationship between a Gatling Pea and a Spikeweed. While the Gatling Pea half retains the usual appearance, the Spikeweed half has some darker colored spikes along with the regular ones. Five dark green spikes cover the base of the Gatling Pea stem.

Personality Edit

Weed Gatling Pea is generally a very nice plant, and he acts civil around anyone. He offers assistance to anyone who needs help. He introduces his new friends to his older friends as well. However, he is also short tempered and tends to yell at someone if he becomes angry. Sometimes, his polite actions tend to be over-the-top, which annoys other plants especially when done during the wrong time.

When confronted with a weapon, he usually tries to talk it out and only uses his arsenal if things become worse.


  • He and Axileaf both have plants "underneath" them (Spikeweed and Lily Pad, respectively).

Gallery Edit