Winter Melon is a very good friend of Blover. Winter Melon is in Middle School. He is in the same class as Blover, Magnet-Shroom ,and Hypno Shroom. His first apperance is in Issue 36:Is it Love? (Part 2). His British Uncle is Melon Hammer. Winter Melon has moved from England to the USA. Know he lives in the USA. He is from England (or Great Britain or United Kingdom.)

Winter m


Gender:Male Age:12 Type:Plant Enemies:Repeater, Streampea, Fireworks Pea, Fume-Shroom, Jalapeño, Gloom Shroom, Snow Pea, Sunflower, Blover and Marigold Many times killed:NEVER EVER!!! Until Issue 39:Magnet Shroom VS Himself Friend that is a male:Multi shooter Girlfriend:Cattail Irritating Enemy:Annoying Orange Pult Favorite Color:Navy Blue


Currently, none.

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