Winter Melon is a character that appears in the Blover's Komiks series. He is one of the sons of Plantifier and Cob Cannon, and most likely a younger middle child; the circumstances of his origin also seem to imply he may be estranged in some way.

Winter Melon's most defining trait is perhaps the fact that he is on extremely poor terms with most of the children in Plantville for an unknown reason, which eventually comes to a head somewhere down the line.

History Edit

Issue 34: Catapult Battle-pult Edit

Winter Melon was being annoyed by Annoying Orange-pult because the latter was throwing seeds at him, to which the frozen watermelon plant retaliated in anger. Kernel-pult and Ice-shroom sense the gravity of the situation, calling Twin Musical Sunflower to stop the mess.

Issue 56: Rhyme Scheme Edit

Winter Melon reappears as a listener in Sunflower's act along with her friends to introduce themselves in a rhyme-like manner. As expected, he is not entertained by the act.

Issue 57: Broken Poetry Edit

Winter Melon becomes a central character in this issue, as he subconsciously speaks in rhyme, while trying to sarcastically remark on the "introduce-yourself" rhymes that Sunflower and her friends used.

Appearance Edit

Winter Melon's appearance is nearly identical to that of Melon-pult's, save for the frozen basket and blue melons.

Personality Edit

Although Winter Melon's personality has not yet been expounded, it can easily be assumed that he is the opposite of his first Almanac entry and takes on the worst aspects of Melon-pult's personality, as he is enemies with a seemingly arbitrary number of the other children in Plantville.

While it isn't clear why Winter Melon has drawn the ire of so many individuals, it may have to do with his distaste of irritating/offbeat personalities - something Plantville is home to many of.

Trivia Edit

  • There is some indication Winter Melon may be estranged. Despite being the biological son of Cob Cannon and Plantifier, he lived in the UK before moving to Plantville.